Einstein’s Cross, 2019

Einstein’s Cross, Installation 2019

Mixed media, sculpture, projection, book, sketches, readymade fragments, a cup and a tooth

To me that installation works as a totem. A common way of reading oneself is resulting through reflection. Reflection on a mirror, or on others. Fragments of mirror breaking broken phrases creating my kaleidoscopic micro universe where nothing is clear and defined. Einstein’s Cross was first discovered in my birth year and the second one in the year of this piece's creation.
“The Einstein Cross is a gravitationally lensed quasar that sits directly behind Huchra's Lens. Four images of the same distant quasar (plus one in the centre, too dim to see) appear around a foreground galaxy due to strong gravitational lensing.This system was discovered by John Huchra and coworkers in 1985. Another Einstein Cross discovery was announced March 18, 2019”
Reflecting on others is a way of reading the I. The definition of the identity and the collusion between what is and what is not familiar all meet in front of the mirror. The self-portrait constitutes a fundamental tool in my artistic practice. The face itself is a reflective surface in which life is encrypted. We tend to read a face through expressions and natural features as well as.

Einstein’s Cross