Some Sort of Now, Performance, 2018

80 x 120 cm, Inkjet Print on Alu-Dibond

"Fragments of the human body fuse with concrete structures of buildings and break up the hard architecture with their curves and fragility. This creates a very personal appro- ach to the sturdy constructions of the architect Ricardo Bofill. In a surreal way, extremi- ties push themselves into spaces. Carefully placed limbs, bending to frame the world that is to be discovered. Through mere fragments and glimpses they serve to illustrate the emotion of this world. The abstracted bodies are separated from their identities in order to merge with their environment. These photographs describe a utopian world in which the confining edges of the buildings seem to dissolve. The existing geometry of the architecture in interaction with the curves of the human body, calls into question the division of space. The result is a labyrinth-like arrangement in which it is not possible to determine which walls further define the boundaries of the space and where they lead. These moments of irritation and the resulting questions accompany the photographs, preventing stagnation and giving space to individual perception. The static construct of architecture becomes an almost flowing structure in which the human body constitutes the supporting element."