Still Life Trans-former, 2014

Still Life Trans-former, Installation, 2014

Mixed media/20 kg of cow meat/glitter/steal hooks

At the beginning of the end where the colors are vivid and the smell of flesh makes its way through the nostrils in a pleasant playful way. Pleasure and lust. Transformation through time, rotting, decay, repelling smells, hard to watch sight, brown and black like the hand of death and then the rise of a new form of life.a colony of maggots. Infinity surpasses us all in its bipolar dance.
Raw meat has always been a vivid image throughout my childhood years while spending weekends at my village. Glitter is a cover-up like putting some makeup on every raw, aging and harsh thing that reminds us of how expendable we are. Glittery meat pending inside a closed white cube for 7 days until it rots.