whispering in a room of screamers, 2018

whispering in a room of screamers, MIXED MEDIA, 2018

Mixed media, dough, photography, print on PVC, dimensions 25 * 50 & 50*70

The instant sculptures under the title whispering in a room of screamers present the image of a post modern Madonna, deprived of characteristics with a mouldable face. The sensory tools are erased and yet the sensation is that of a silence presence taking in every shock that is coming from the outside buzzing environment translating the signals into reshaping strokes in an ongoing transformation practice. Like a prayer in mute.

About the exhibition:

The exhibition titled The Acropolis at the Bottom was based on the so-called citadels on ships which are security rooms hidden in warships or even in large commercial ships and vessels. According to the terminology of navigation, citadel (in Greek acropolis or castle) is a fortress where people can find shelter during war, piracy or during an external danger in general.
The exhibition attempted to define differently the notion of fortress, boundary, border, memory, habitation, exclusion and encroachment in relation to the collective and the individual sphere. In a time of unstable values and constant changes in social parameters, the position of the individual and of the whole is defined by a precarious condition in which social values are at stake. As Lars Bang Larsen states (The Society of Social Qualities)….the idea of society without qualities is an indictment of a state that fails to provide a quality for its citizens. The society without qualities is one which a systemic pressure on cultural and democratic institutions results in whittling down of civil liberties…And so the idea of the state as a caretaker and an educator, an alleviator of pain, is no longer believable.